A Happy Life Part I

All too many times we ask our parents/grandparents/or best friends for advice. While there is nothing wrong with that, understand this: your life is your own to mess up, make mistakes, and make continuous, although sometimes feeble, attempts at being happy. When the storm calms and the smoke clears, the only person standing under that hideous bob cut that your great-grandma Betty thought would be fitting for someone of your age is…….. you guessed it, YOU! Those that are older than you have lived their lives. They’ve regretted some things, and congratulated themselves for others but the point is that they’ve been there, done that 100000x already, it’s your turn. We like to take advice, and let me make myself clear when I say this for the second time; THAT IS OKAY because hey, who else could be better to empathize with you other than someone who went through it before, right? But does the way that they handle their situations mean you HAVE to also? “If your best friend jumped off of a bridge, would you do it too?” *cue motherly voice*
Don’t be scared to figure it out on your own. Date whoever you want, live how you please, get your ex that cheated on you fired from their job but just be happy in all things that you expend time doing. And like that very famous line goes, (I have no damn idea who said it) “never regret, because at one point in time, it was exactly what you wanted.”


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