Let’s Get Started..

Well hello. I honestly never ever thought you’d be here, reading my blog.. But here we are. I’ve wanted to have my own page to talk about my ideas, visions, tips I’ve learned along my way, lifestyles, motivational speeches, blah blah blah. Everyone tells me they love my personality so I figured “Why don’t I turn that into a full on website for others to enjoy or laugh at?” and that idea came to be The Yummy Notebook (the first suggestion I received was The Yummy Boyfriend Notebook but that was a complete no). I’m excited to start on this journey but I can’t just lead with that. I am excited. I’m also nervous, anxious, scared, and extremely uncomfortable.. But that comes with change. This one might be the hardest post for me because it’s an About Me and I absolutely suck at those. Usually, when I have to introduce myself it’s always “Hi, my name is LaShara. I have two amazing children…” and I slowly trail off so people get the drift that I am one of the most boring people I know. So with brand new goals, we’ll start brand new habits! My name is LaShara, most call me Shara. However, I have two amazing people who call me mommy (best title to date). I have an amazing, amazing (and did I mention irresistibly yummy) boyfriend that I have fallen head over heels for. I’m a lover of all things and an encourager of all people. I’m a hopeless romantic, I daydream all day when I’m supposed to be working, and I laugh at almost everything. I hope you can and most definitely will stay on this journey. I’m excited to be excited really… Soooooo stay tuned!


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